Supply Chain Overview

How is the Global Supply Chain Affecting all of us?

As our industry pivots during this transitional time into the present new normal, The Branding Bunch has come together to share our industry knowledge and years of experience and act as a resource and support system in helping your company navigate the challenges we’re facing.

Now more than ever, the need for open discussion concerning what our industry is dealing with is an essential component in learning to adapt to those changes. That’s where we come in.

Our goal in this discussion is to help you understand the global supply chain’s current state and give you solutions to adapt to the present new normal to maximize your company’s potential.

Did you miss one of the sessions or were unable to make the event? You can now view the recorded sessions!

We walk you through the changes our industry is facing and give you tangible solutions on how to adapt and maneuver through these transitions in order to find solutions to turn these challenges into opportunities along the way.

Supply Chain Overview

Speaker : Vice President of Vendor Management, Joe Hoffmann with ipromoteu.

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