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Nine branding professionals came together in April 2020 to form a collective and discuss how to reshape their business. Made up of nine unique businesses and individuals (competitors actually) who each have their perspectives. strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies (especially those). Sharing their own unique take on the branding and visual messaging space they’ve found that many times, they collectively create new ideas far better together. 

Covid has put a spin on how companies work with clients and collaborate on projects. During our isolation, we came together via Zoom to strategize, ideate, and (honestly) whine a bit with friends who get it.  We discussed ideas about the future of marketing, both as individual businesses and collectively.

As the bonds between the nine of us grew, the look of the Zoom grid that we found ourselves in and the idea “That this group must somehow form a family” began to ring true, and The Branding Bunch was formed in April 2020.

Since then, we’ve been meeting via Zoom weekly and have produced original content, events, great ideas, and, most importantly, a strong bond of friendship.

The Idea Box

Every 3 months, we curate an Idea Box that shows new or trending products and creative ways to tell a story. We’ll show you how thinking INSIDE THE BOX can help you be different (and remembered)

The Branding Bunch Events

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